Commercial Property Purchase

If you are looking to purchase a commercial property for owner occupancy or for investment purposes, Top Mortgages can help. We can source lenders that use the commercial property itself as security or residential property as security (or a combination of both). Often if residential property is used as security, interest rates are the same (or close to) as residential loans.

Business Loans

If you have an established business and need to look into your borrowing power for expanding the business or finance a new initiative to allow your business to grow and expand, we are in a position to support your business goals and work with you in selecting the correct financial solution for your businesses circumstances.

Property Development

If you are looking to subdivide property and construct, we can assist by working closely with you to structure finance facilities to fit within your property development requirements. We can assist with small projects of 1 – 5 units as well as assist with pointing you in the right direction and arming you with the right information for larger scale developments.

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