Debt Consolidation Loans

Providing you have equity in real estate we can help you consolidate other loans and credit cards to ease the financial stress.
Top Mortgages has access to lenders that can consolidate an unlimited number of debts into a mortgage, providing your equity and income is sufficient. Existing debts such as Credit Cards, Store Cards, Car Loans, Personal Loans and other debts can be lumped into one simple payment giving you more money to use each month.

Self Employed Loans

Are you self employed? Top Mortgages can obtain you a loan at competitive interest rates.

If you have been self employed and can provide financial statements from your accountant, we can obtain a loan for you at basic variable rates. Because our consultants have experience in dealing with commercial and rural loans, understanding your business financials is not a problem for Top Mortgages.

Credit Impairment

Do you have an adverse credit rating that has held you back from obtaining finance in the past? In today’s lending market there are many lenders that we can use to obtain finance for people that have experienced difficulties.

We have access to lenders that will provide finance for people with 1 credit default up to an unlimited number of defaults or discharged bankruptcy. We can come to you and show you a number of products that are available, that may suit your needs.

Equipment Finance

This form of finance is utilized to purchase items such as vehicles, plant and equipment, forklifts, Trucks, earth moving equipment, Agricultural equipment and the like.

This Finance removes the need to spend large sums on equipment by enabling you to essentially buy or lease items over a set period of the contract, of up to five years.

Equipment Finance is particularly helpful for Businesses that want to manage their cash flow.

Security is provided by the item being purchased.

Business Loans

Funds are made available for Existing Businesses looking to expand, as well as new Start-up Businesses, including increased working capital requirements, as well as funding the purchase of Franchises and established businesses.

The loan can be structured to meet your needs, in regards to term, Interest only, or Principal and Interest, together with variable or fixed interest rates.

Security is required and this can be either Commercial or Residential properties.

Commercial Loans

Commercial loans are provided for the purchase of buying commercial premises for rental investment or for your own business use.

Development loans are also included in this category, such as building a unit or residential complex and Land Subdivisions.

Security is provided by the property being purchased, with additional properties provided if needed.

Car Loans

Our team of expert finance consultants are experienced in securing loan solutions based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Loans for New or Second hand vehicles are available, with pre-approval available so you can negotiate with confidence.

Security is provided by the vehicle being purchased

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