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Reviewing your existing home loan is something we often think about but struggle to find the time to do. It would often mean making the time to see the bank manager during hours that suit them and not yourself or your family.

While many people may use a mortgage broker when looking to purchase a new property, they often are not aware that this same broker can help them review their existing loan to see if it is the most competitive and suitable product available. Using a mortgage broker can take the stress out of the loan review process, as they can see you outside of normal working hours and can offer you a range of loan products to choose from.

While the banks are competing for a greater share of the mortgage market, there’s never been a better time to make sure your home loan is the right one for you.

For an obligation free consultation on your existing loan, why not call our officer today on 1300 308 225 and make a time to see one of our friendly consultants today.

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